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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I am here now....
I am waking...
From my tomb of darkness, one thousand years of memories return to me as if a dream. Once more I know the world in my mind as if above it, mighty and aflame! I know the jagged mountains clawing at the endless sky. I know the wilds and the plains and the petty cities of men. I know the vast forces sent against me, one thousand years of war and destruction. I feel again the fiery blood in my throat and vast power in my wings...
I am rising now, like a silvery flame, up through the darkness, higher and higher until all around me is open and bright with stars! I let loose my endless wings, painted silver by the white hot moon! I am awake! I am the night sky itself! I am the storm! I am Yxthyriax, and I am reborn!

~ from the epic saga “The Great Dragon Yxthyriax, Doom of Karak Hirn”

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