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Monday, 18 April 2011

Adventure Feedback

I was thinking - if anyone out there has tried or intends to try any of my scenarios, could they write up a comment in the scenario page about their experience with it?  It would be great to know how people are playing the adventures, what worked and what didn't - and any fun stories of adventure that can only occur with your own group ;)

I write stuff the way I like to GM it, and with a certain play group in mind, so sometimes it is hard to tell if a scenario works for others.

play on!

Dual Wielding

Here are some house rules on dual wielding weapons in WFRP1.  They are just house rules and may need tweaking ..or ignoring if you think they are crap :)  Just thought I would post to see if anyone likes the rule-set.  I am very open to advice or correction with dual wielding rules, if anyone cares to comment.

Dual Wielding

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Squeaky Wheel

Another content module for WFRP1.  This is a bustling Inn and Tavern outside of Talabheim called 'The Squeaky Wheel'.  The place appeared first in my Knights of Law campaign, when the players pass in and out of Talabheim, but I have since fleshed out some fo the characters and secrets that this busy hub contains.  Hopefully I will provide a cool map soon.

Hope you enjoy...

The Squeaky Wheel - Inn and Tavern


I've found that even for my RPG games, that some of the minis designed for WFB and LOTR SBG are really cool. For example, one box of Empire free company militia will have you sorted for any thugs, footpads, citizens, sailors, bandits, coachmen, inn patrons, and even PCs if you paint one well enough - its a bout the best value pack of models you'll buy! Some of the hero models are quite cool too!

Another quick way to fill up a cavern with greenskins is to buy the LOTR Moria goblin sets. Cool looking gobbos, I like them more than WFB, they are less cartoony. Other enemies which are fought quite a lot are beastmen, best to buy a box of plastic WFB beastmen or Gor units than individually picking through metal figurines one by one...

In a way, buy one box of the ‘fellowship’ and that is most RPG parties right there! Good ol' archetypes!

what I'm getting at is that there are some box sets of cheaper plastic minis out there now which could satisfy most of your needs with just a few purchases.

And remember..zombies and undead are just all your spare models, with some arms and stuff cut off and painted to look like ghosts :D lol

...what models do you use?

Easter Eggs and Homage

So in some of my own adventures, I have referenced some small things from a few old school Warhammer resources.  Some may notice an innkeeper by the name of Rudolf Grasser (I had to pay that bastard like 5GCs to fix his door! after I didn't realise my own strength ;) or some mercenary bodyguards named Grolsch and Van Eyke.  If anyone cares, these are nods to The Odenhaller Contract in the first edition sourcebook.  I hope not to offend anyone thinking I'm 'ripping off' names and so forth, its just a little nod the old days - and they are cool names :)

There are a few other little old school secrets littered throughout some of my adventures, so if you find any and know what they refer to, have a smug little grin to yourself :D

On this topic, my first World of Warcraft character I ever rolled was called Jodri, also referring to the same adventure ;)  O well, its all in the name of fun...

Coming soon... The Squeaky Wheel - Inn and Tavern so look out for it!

play on!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Walfen Dark

I wrote this adventure a while ago, inspired by some content and scenario ideas in Realms of Sorcery First Edition and Apocrypha 2 - Chart of Darkness.  I think at the time our group was like 'when are we gunna smash some undead? When are we gunna use the ROS book?' So I wrote this scenario.  The two books are referenced quite a lot in the story, so they would be valuable to have.

The Walfen Dark
TWD Maps and Handouts (zip file ~ 12MB)

Sorry for the large file size, however it is because its full of purrty hand drawn sweet as maps and stuff :D at 300dpi so they should print better than my other adventure packs...

PS - please excuse any slight weird 'typos' because I used an automated tool to scan this document from paper and convert to text - the future is NOW!!!

Thanks and enjoy...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Night's Charge

From haven list' the distant toll,
Heralds night's champions ‘pon the knoll.
Thund’rous charge o’ frantic hoof clod sodden earth below,
Cav’lier wind atop o' steed, spurred by excited trumpet blown.
From haven ‘seiged, und'r window ledge, spy jagged silver edge drawn, 

Take ‘round your blanket child, pray now for morn'.

~ ‘Night’s Charge’, taken from ‘Poems To Cure the Unafraid Child’

An Old Character Sheet

This is an old character sheet I did years ago.  It is hand drawn, and has a few flaws, but there's no harm in letting loose another sheet to the world.  I will revise and update another version and make some fixes, but for now, its there if anyone cares.

Character Sheet

Horatio's Formula

The players head towards to the big smoke to visit an old friend, who has written to them with intriguing news.  Of course it all goes awry and they end up in the thick of the action  ...again! 

Horatio's Formula
Horatio's Formula - Maps and Handouts (zip file ~380KB)

Friday, 8 April 2011

The Knights of Law

Years ago, when I was an eager young fan I wrote a campaign in classic WFRP style - Innocent beginnings lead the players into a dark intrigue that ends with them determining the fate of the Empire hanging in balance.  The usual stuff.  So some of it might have dated, but its a good yarn.  It is fairly heroic, combining city intrigue with forest wandering and mountain passes and demons and cults and even an Imperial ball.

Well have a read and maybe make your own ammendments based on more modern content and play style.  The campaign can be found in the Loot section as well as here...

The Knights of Law - Introduction
The Knights of Law  - 01 - Grave Times
The Knights of Law  - 02 - The Eye of The Forest
The Knights of Law  - 03 - Seeds of Chaos
The Knights of Law  - 04 - The Inner Circle
The Knights of Law  - 05 - The Masquerade
The Knights of Law - Maps and Handouts (zip file ~4.5 MB)

If anyone does end up playing it (or reading it at all lol) feel free to let me know what you think.  I wrote it a long time ago, and have added some 'hindsight' notes...

play on!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

One Book To Rule Them All...

So I've noticed, much like computer games, that RPG companies are simply switching to a 'micro-purchase, bleeding kids dry' business model.  I'm going to sound old I guess (really I'm not THAT old) but I love the fact that all you need to play WFRP1 is the sourcebook, the dice and some imagination.  One, big, fat softcover book to rule them all - and that is if you want to GM, most of the gameplay can be described to new players who don't own a copy.

Of course, I really like collecting information and new books from the WFRP world - because I'm a collector and I love the extra 'story' - but all you need to play is the sourcebook. Thanks to WFRP2, players must somehow justify buying multiple books to get the basic information.  WFRP3 is of course a pretty different system, making it less comparable with 1 or 2 - fun in its own right -  but it creates a system structure which makes it very hard to make your own content - which is the biggest drawback.

It seems that some young/new players are somehow scared of inventing their own content - some have forgotten how to simply be imaginative and use the books (and editions) for that matter as guides and suggestions.  If rules change or are introduced or removed, it doesn't mean you cant simply keep using your house rules, dismiss other rules, take up some, or whatever! As long as the group is agreement, then game on!

Sometimes I think players need to use compromise and common sense to resolve gameplay than trying to argue over rules minutia.  I want it to be more about the narrative feel and creativity that can arise from players and GMs telling an epic tale together!

A random thanks to all the great blogs and websites out there who keep WFRP1 and 2 content alive and imaginative

/rant lol

Stay tuned for some revised and uploaded scenarios and content.  Feel free to drop comments or tell me I'm WRONG! lol