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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Big Juicy Wyrms

As you can tell from some of my recent tiny fiction, I have been thinking about Dragons. Dragons are such an integral part of any fantasy lore, they are like high fantasy nuclear weaponry. However, in a low fantasy setting like WFRP, dragons are described as almost/probably extinct, unseen, ancient, and to the average Farmer Bloggs and his friends, they could be seen as purely the stuff of wild tales.

The Bestiary describes them and provides rules so exciting and dangerous its hard not to want to see them in action, tearing into your players, melting their expensive armour and ruining their hopes of surviving the adventure with loot to brag about at the next roadside Inn.

I don't think in all my years of playing with any group, did we ever fight any Dragons ...and hang on, is that not what adventurers have dreamed of, since first looking out of their isolated farming cottage window in Nowhereburg, Reikland?

So I have been trying to think of interesting and lore respecting ways to integrate a Dragon into one of my scenarios. My first thoughts are of a an ancient Dragon, awoken from slumber, exacting revenge and destruction upon a Dwarven Hold. It seems like integrating an older race like Dwarves would be a more proper setting, and perhaps they have more history with this particular Dragon than the petty, new race of Men?

Anyway, more to come.

Let me know your thoughts...

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