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Monday, 14 March 2011


One liners, words or phrases to ignite a starting point idea to expand on for scenarios or characters. A brain dump!

  • Royal fletcher, retired, living as hermit, needed to help craft some magical arrows for a hunt
  • Leper colony
  • Corruption, danger and intrigue during an election campaign for the graf of (cityname)
  • Abandoned/boarded up building in a main street in town
  • Dead messenger on road
  • Noble ‘fop’ who is out ‘adventuring’ - comedic character, drags the players into danger without really understanding the reality or consequences


  1. * While staying at an inn the players were at a few years ago, notice barmaids child looks very much like one of the player characters :)

    * Generally evil monsters/characters who want to do something good. eg. Tribe of beastmen who want to just be farmers. Help them or not? What would it be like trading with beastmen?

  2. * Prophecy. Crazy prophet foretells something about the players (eg. "One of you will die to save the world"). Can you make the prophecy come true despite all the players attempts to the contrary?