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Monday, 14 March 2011

Cathayan Monk / Martial Arts

So YEARS ago, a few of us, obsessed with kung fu movies at the time, decided to create our own Cathayan fighting monk ruleset for WFRP.  I would have to say that although we thought about it quite a bit, I always feel that it didnt really fit the tone of the WFRP world and lore.  We used some of the rules in a couple of one-off alternative scenarios, but it never really proved long lasting.

It's fairly over the top, however I may as well publish some work here, just in case anyone was interested, or even to get some feedback and make some revisions.  Maybe one day I will add in more detail, darken the tone and flesh out more details on silk roads and spice routes - could be interesting.

Cathayan Monk Source (Google Doc)

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