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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

House Rules - Breaking Chests

Breaking Chests
When breaking open containers instead of picking locks, we make all the standard (S) test or damage tests against the container, but include some extra tests to add flavour to the situations when your players are just easily breaking everything instead of using finesse. I think this adds some penalty balance to how easy it is to make a combined (S) test to break open boxes and doors.

Sometimes we have afforded any traps the chance to ‘go off’ during the bashing process. Keep it simple, and in context. If the players are specifically breaking the lock mechanism, if the trap is connected to it, have a chance it goes off normally. If the players are targeting the whole chest, bashing it with weapons, have a chance based on the CR % (lock quality) that it will still activate, at whatever modified effectiveness you wish. This could work on doors to.

Damaged Goods
If the players are hacking into the wood or metal with weapons, then simply roll some chances that goods will be broken inside. Use commons sense. Coins wouldn't break, but you could smash some pottery or dent some brass urns etc, even cut some fine materials and clothes.

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