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Monday, 14 March 2011

Scenario Ideas - Inspiration

Sometimes I find the smallest things in the core book ignite ideas for scenarios. Reading through the spell lists, bestiary, careers, and maps can give great ideas.

Our group have made adventures based around one spell ingredient, or even just hunting one particular animal/beast (sometimes in combination of the spell ingredient quests ;)

Spell ingredients list
Do the players or even an NPC need a giants scalp or pint of dragon blood, or some giant spider venom? great ideas to work into a scenario

The number of brilliant and diverse creatures in WFRP 1st ed Bestiary is incomparable. The details and lore surrounding some of these creatures is enough to build a frame work for an interesting adventure.
  • Perhaps hunting a troll, rumoured to be roaming the wilds near a dwarf mining camp. Perhaps it simply has been raiding their coffers? maybe eating poor miners, even their rocks/minerals? hmm a troll with treasure inside it? or has it melted in that acidic stomach of his?
  • Based on where a creature is found, can be used to lead players into lands/areas which they are unfamiliar with, as well as offering exciting new creatures to fight - keeps it interesting.
Use the PCs careers in a believable way. It uses their character/their background to make quests that are more engaging for the party.
  • Is there a druid? work the re-dedication/protection of a stone circle into an adventure, and the experience will be richer and more meaningful.
  • Are characters pasts going to catch up with them? were they once in an outlaw gang?
  • Are most of your party elves? dwarfs? how does their race simply inspire an adventure with a personal twist?
Picking an unexplored area of a world map provides a sense of excitement and exploration as you can send the players to a town where they;
  • Speak differently/have different customs, the players are culturally offending them?
  • Dont like the predominant race of the party? lots of opportunity for conflict there...

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