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Monday, 14 March 2011


Fort Northwatch, hanging precariously over the cliffs of the nearby rocky bay has been abandoned for as long as most in the area remember.  Strange goings on have been noticed. The players investigate to discover a Bretonnian smuggler crew operating out of the Forts secure and hidden lower levels, with access through old ammunition/storage tunnels in the cliffs, down to the sea. The players may deal with the smugglers, but what are they smuggling and More importantly for whom?

does the trail lead the players to an important figure, and how do they deal with accusations or resolving the issue? Is it local officials simply quaffing Bretonnian brandy? or does the trail lead much higher?

Are the goods more ‘interesting’ and sinister; bodies/parts, alchemical equipment, wizards ingredients and dark potion elements?

Maybe they are smuggling artifacts and treasures stolen from ageing temples and shrines in the Empire, for sale in Brett to high paying corrupt Brett nobles and scholars.

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