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Monday, 14 March 2011

Whats the Cause?

Rumours have spread to the ears of our adventurers, that mutants are appearing in growing numbers in a small village nearby. Reports of seeing mutilated bodies, strange monsters and dismembered corpses are drawing the players further into the intrigue. What's causing these events?

Maybe a crazy surgeon/sorcerer, who lost a son to mutation, is experimenting with taking apart and putting back together body parts, in order to find a cure to mutation? What is the moral outcome - should the surgeon be stopped, or will the players be interested in a cure too?

Maybe a necromancer is at work with warped and evil powers?

Maybe a piece of warpstone lays undiscovered nearby, and is turning the locals either mad or into mutants?

Maybe a deadly disease has broken out?  Maybe the players catch it while investigating, and are forced to help find a cure or it would be the end of their days too...

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