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Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Squeaky Wheel

Another content module for WFRP1.  This is a bustling Inn and Tavern outside of Talabheim called 'The Squeaky Wheel'.  The place appeared first in my Knights of Law campaign, when the players pass in and out of Talabheim, but I have since fleshed out some fo the characters and secrets that this busy hub contains.  Hopefully I will provide a cool map soon.

Hope you enjoy...

The Squeaky Wheel - Inn and Tavern


  1. Stumbled upon your website by chance looking for ideas for WFRP games.
    You provide excellent write-ups, keep up the great work!
    Have you tried WFRP 3 yet? If so - do you have materials for it?


  2. Hi and thanks Artem!
    I plan to keep up the content as long as I get the time hehe. I haven't had the chance really to get into 3ed, not sure if i have the time and resources to fully go at it. Im not sure, but i guess the 'encounters' and 'scenario ideas' pages I have on the site could be used to transfer over to 3ed? Most the encounter ideas are just general write-ups there's not really any rules associated with them...

    I might eventually post some 2ed stuff, but there are so many changes i don't use, so it would be like 1ed with house rules that blend over to 2ed :D

    o well hope you enjoy the blog
    cya round the traps!

  3. Thats true, the rules are easily adaptable for any system. After reading through one of your adventures I must once again compliment you on well thought out and engaging adventures that carry a good feel of the Old World. I am definitely looking forward to using your work!