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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lost in The Chaos Wastes...

Long time no post.  Things have been busy at work, and Ive recently moved house which of course has taken up a lot of time!  Once the new games room is setup though, I plan to get into some more scenario writing and playing, with my new board setup and minatures and new paper craft scenery from Dave's Games - good stuff.  My wife has rolled a couple of characters, and I am planning an opening adventure to introduce the characters and get them off to an intriguing start...

I will post pics from a gaming session and maybe do some post adventure write ups.

play on!


  1. Those Dave's Games sets look pretty sweet!

  2. yeh they are cool - and the multi-layered pieces are great for buying one model, but using the layering to create a couple of variants... good value, easy to store, easy to make...