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Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Blood Relic - Play Report Part 3

WFRP - The Blood Relic - Part 3

Lightfoot and Blackhart made their way down through the hills and farming lands, making for the road that would take them to Ubersreik.  It grew dark, the only light from the stars and the dancing fire lights from farmsteads off the road around them.  They joined the main road, and soon enough found themselves at the Ubersreik gates.  Travellers were few, in this cold weather and at this time of night, and the pair made their way through the small ramshackle collection of shanty houses and empty daytime market stalls that crowded the gatehouse.  They followed a late coach and a few travellers through the guards post, and handed over their toll.  Lightfoot managed to scrounge for some information on Otto Manfred and his party by sparing a few coppers for the beggers at the gates.  The noble had arrived in town with the rest of his dusty party, along with a mysterious and dark hooded man that never spoke, and had made Otto pay his toll for him.  Intrigued, the pair moved on into town, hoping to find a room and food and rest after an adventurous and dangerous number of days...

They were swamped by young lads touting inn rooms and more beggars as they made their way into the gate square.  Lightfoot hadn't really seen a town this large before, and bustling with a number of people on the street, even after dark in the street lamp lights.  It was a bustling mix, and the pair noted the number of dwarves, and even Bretonnian accents in the air as they made their way through the square.  They ended up at the Blue Pegasus, a nice enough establishment, with a bustling tavern and a room to spare for some shillings.

No sooner had they sat down to rest their bones, waiting for some hot broth and bread, did Blackhart see a familiar face!  A dark and brooding man with a rough face and unshaven chin came down the stairs and ordered an ale at the bar.  Taking a first sip, he looked around the room, making eye contact with Blackhart! His eyes widened in surprise, and dashed away, back upstairs, pushing past a poor halfling cook, carrying the broth!  Certain that he would bring some fellows and come for them, the pair made a quick escape down the narrow hall and into the small steamy busy kitchen.  The cook protested, but was soon appeased with a silver or two, and went about her business with a giant pot of soup, mentioning "we've got some new kitchen hands lads! bwahha"

They waited and watched the hallway, to see if the thugs would come for them, however, Blackhart notices out the door behind them, in the courtyard, Otto's man has appeared, angrily issuing orders to a stable boy to bring his horse and saddle.  He was still alone.  They made their move, dashing form the kitchens across the courtyard to seize the man!  He saw them, urgently shoving the stable hand aside, he tried leaping into his saddle, only in the wet and under pressure, he (I) rolled an epic failure on a test of 00 :D and the man got his foot caught in the stirrup, and the horse got so upset that it reared a little, and made a run for the gates out into the street!  Our adventurers took chase, and saw the man fall onto the cobbles at the gates, scrambling up and dashing away down the street.  A stable boy calmed the horse, as the pair ran out onto the street, Lightfoot preaparing a stone in her sling, and taking a shot at the fleeing man - a miss!  As the stone flew over his head, he turned back for a just a second, but thenw as gone, lost in the shadows of unknown streets.

Tired, and fed up, the pair went back inside to finally get their dinner and some rest.  They ended up ordering a small bath and some hot water be brought up to the room, and the land lord was able to organise the services of a physician, who for a tidy sum was able to clean and dress some wounds.  The two eventually got some rest, despite having to take turns keeping watch by the windows and doors throughout the night.  It was the grey, cold early hours of the mornign when they heard it.  A shuffling of feet outside their door, and a scratching noise at their lock.  Quickly the two leaped into place beside the door, weapons ready for anything.  The noises stopped, it went silent, they could hear some fustrated voices outside, before suddenly the door blasted off the hinges, a big boot and cloaked man flying in after it!  They could see another couple of men, cloaked in black with red scarfs over their faces, bustling in the hallway, weapons drawn!

The fight was fast and furious - and very bloody - Blackhart's axe cleaved to and fro, spraying blood high and wide - a different kind of bath for our adventurers.  Lightfoot tussled with the leader, besting the man and in a few damaging blows, he was beaten back, bloddied and staggering about.  He spat out a tooth and blood, and cursed them "You're too late!  We already have the relic, and plans are in motion that you cannot stop!  You're all doomed, and the Blood Drinkers shall feast upon the bloody remains of your Empire!..." It was a dramatic speech - and the last thing he ever said.  On the bodies of all the assailants, they found dark red tattoos, of a horrid horned beast with fangs.  Tucked inside the heavy belt of the leader, they found a small note, that read - Bring the bodies to Goblin Rock.  We can use them.  Make it bloody.  O.

The short and violent assasination attempt was over, and the pair managed to convince the landlord to quietly help them clean up and dispose of these thugs for a price.  The bar room below was already filling up with noise and cheer, and the smell of breakfast was wafting from the kitchens.  They cleaned up - again - and went downstairs, determined to find some answers to all these questions!

They started looking for the whereabouts of 'Goblin Rock' however it appeared that it wasnt a familiar name with the locals, despite their knowledge of the surrounding mountains.  An old dwarven miner, enjoying his ale and sausage breakfast mentioned that gobbos were a constant problem in the mountains, but had not heard of any place known as 'Goblin Rock'.  A foppish Bretonnian merchant proved more useful.   The handsome, fluffy crevat wearing, merchant revealed that there was an old abandoned Imperial prison fort and mining labour camp up in the mountains, that was rumoured to be infested with greenskins - much like any other dark hole in the ground in the mountains.  The merchant, Henri, knew the Grey Lady Pass well, and revealed that he had passed by Grey Tooth Gorge many times, which marked a treacherous journey along what was known as the Prisoners March - which led to the old fort.  None had travelled that way in a long time however, and the snow was thick, and the way was no doubt plagued with trolls or ogres of some such man eating monstrocity.  After some talk and drink, the two discovered the Henri was without hired protection for his return journey to Parravon - his hired swords had left him in town for drink and women, and had not returned to finish their deal.  Henri would take them as far as the Grey Tooth Gorge, and our adventurers would help protect him and his wares for the first part of the journey.

They would meet the next day at the cities southern gates, for more adventure into the Grey Mountains.  There are worse than goblins and bad weather in those haunted crags, but hopefully they would find Otto and some answers in those dark and forboding snow capped mountains...

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