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Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Blood Relic

A while ago I posted some session write ups for an introductory adventure for my wife's characters called The Blood Relic.  I have decided I may as well upload the adventure to see if anyone finds it interesting to play or either expand upon with better storytelling ;)

The adventure and writing is pretty loose and not my best work, but I thought I might just upload it anyway...

Please note that you won't find any handouts available - one being a map which is fairly easy to reproduce yourself until I can find the sketch I did on an envelope, and the small note is fairly self explanatory.

Anyway, just for kicks, here is The Blood Relic

As usual the link is also available from the Loot page >>>

More adventures that are being constructed are on the way and I promise I will write them up with more detail ;)

play on!

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