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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Eggs and Homage

So in some of my own adventures, I have referenced some small things from a few old school Warhammer resources.  Some may notice an innkeeper by the name of Rudolf Grasser (I had to pay that bastard like 5GCs to fix his door! after I didn't realise my own strength ;) or some mercenary bodyguards named Grolsch and Van Eyke.  If anyone cares, these are nods to The Odenhaller Contract in the first edition sourcebook.  I hope not to offend anyone thinking I'm 'ripping off' names and so forth, its just a little nod the old days - and they are cool names :)

There are a few other little old school secrets littered throughout some of my adventures, so if you find any and know what they refer to, have a smug little grin to yourself :D

On this topic, my first World of Warcraft character I ever rolled was called Jodri, also referring to the same adventure ;)  O well, its all in the name of fun...

Coming soon... The Squeaky Wheel - Inn and Tavern so look out for it!

play on!

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