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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Walfen Dark

I wrote this adventure a while ago, inspired by some content and scenario ideas in Realms of Sorcery First Edition and Apocrypha 2 - Chart of Darkness.  I think at the time our group was like 'when are we gunna smash some undead? When are we gunna use the ROS book?' So I wrote this scenario.  The two books are referenced quite a lot in the story, so they would be valuable to have.

The Walfen Dark
TWD Maps and Handouts (zip file ~ 12MB)

Sorry for the large file size, however it is because its full of purrty hand drawn sweet as maps and stuff :D at 300dpi so they should print better than my other adventure packs...

PS - please excuse any slight weird 'typos' because I used an automated tool to scan this document from paper and convert to text - the future is NOW!!!

Thanks and enjoy...

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