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Friday, 8 April 2011

The Knights of Law

Years ago, when I was an eager young fan I wrote a campaign in classic WFRP style - Innocent beginnings lead the players into a dark intrigue that ends with them determining the fate of the Empire hanging in balance.  The usual stuff.  So some of it might have dated, but its a good yarn.  It is fairly heroic, combining city intrigue with forest wandering and mountain passes and demons and cults and even an Imperial ball.

Well have a read and maybe make your own ammendments based on more modern content and play style.  The campaign can be found in the Loot section as well as here...

The Knights of Law - Introduction
The Knights of Law  - 01 - Grave Times
The Knights of Law  - 02 - The Eye of The Forest
The Knights of Law  - 03 - Seeds of Chaos
The Knights of Law  - 04 - The Inner Circle
The Knights of Law  - 05 - The Masquerade
The Knights of Law - Maps and Handouts (zip file ~4.5 MB)

If anyone does end up playing it (or reading it at all lol) feel free to let me know what you think.  I wrote it a long time ago, and have added some 'hindsight' notes...

play on!


  1. Amazing! I skimmed chapter 01 and the amount of NPCs is enough to make me love it!


  2. thanks! it's nerve wracking putting up work, cos you dont know how others play or how they like the adventures to feel.

    hope you enjoy the whole campaign!

    there is plenty more where that came from - i just have to finish revising some notes and scanning handouts (from ye olden days) and i will upload some more...

    Im interested in seeing what you think of the Altdorf sections - your own content could be used to add much more detail to the city action...

  3. Nicely done! I've been considering releasing some fiction based on my Bretonnian campaign. Can't release the campaign itself because it's pretty much a rip-off of another source with appropriate grim and peril in heavy doses and the locales "corrected." And I have to get back to A to Z before my vacation! ~o)

  4. thanks tim!

    a Bret campaign would rock - there so many underused landscapes there... I like the idea of the A - Z, so i hope you continue, and i can keep reading :)

    cya round

  5. Looks brilliant at first glance. Lots of stuff to mine for my system of choice. One quick word from someone who doesn't draw well but who does use computer graphics a fair bit; your hand-drawn maps rock - they're much prettier than the later computer ones.