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Thursday, 7 April 2011

One Book To Rule Them All...

So I've noticed, much like computer games, that RPG companies are simply switching to a 'micro-purchase, bleeding kids dry' business model.  I'm going to sound old I guess (really I'm not THAT old) but I love the fact that all you need to play WFRP1 is the sourcebook, the dice and some imagination.  One, big, fat softcover book to rule them all - and that is if you want to GM, most of the gameplay can be described to new players who don't own a copy.

Of course, I really like collecting information and new books from the WFRP world - because I'm a collector and I love the extra 'story' - but all you need to play is the sourcebook. Thanks to WFRP2, players must somehow justify buying multiple books to get the basic information.  WFRP3 is of course a pretty different system, making it less comparable with 1 or 2 - fun in its own right -  but it creates a system structure which makes it very hard to make your own content - which is the biggest drawback.

It seems that some young/new players are somehow scared of inventing their own content - some have forgotten how to simply be imaginative and use the books (and editions) for that matter as guides and suggestions.  If rules change or are introduced or removed, it doesn't mean you cant simply keep using your house rules, dismiss other rules, take up some, or whatever! As long as the group is agreement, then game on!

Sometimes I think players need to use compromise and common sense to resolve gameplay than trying to argue over rules minutia.  I want it to be more about the narrative feel and creativity that can arise from players and GMs telling an epic tale together!

A random thanks to all the great blogs and websites out there who keep WFRP1 and 2 content alive and imaginative

/rant lol

Stay tuned for some revised and uploaded scenarios and content.  Feel free to drop comments or tell me I'm WRONG! lol


  1. Cool to find another WFRP blog! I'll add you to my RSS reader!

    /Magnus (Altdorf Correspondent)

  2. Hey Magnus! Thanks for adding me, I hope I can post enough interesting content to make your RSS reader proud haha

    I'll see you round the blogs!