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Thursday, 20 June 2013

GM Tools

I have a few more docs available for download or viewing in the Loot section.  

I have the latest versions of computerised character sheets and some GM tools like a combat sequence, player reference sheet, and a WFRP1 quick reference sheet.  They should be available in Google Docs to look at, but there are also Open Office files.

These have been developed for our online game, but are useful for most games if printed out...

WFRP1 Quick Reference Sheet - Google Sheets
WFRP1 Quick Reference Sheet - OpenOffice Spreadsheet
GM Player Ref Sheet - Google Sheets
GM Player Ref Sheet - OpenOffice Spreadsheet
Combat Sequence - Google Sheets
Combat Sequence - OpenOffice Spreadsheet

Character Sheet - Google Sheets
Character Sheet - OpenOffice Spreadsheet
Character Sheet (With Portrait) - Google Sheets
Character Sheet (With Portrait) - OpenOffice Spreadsheet

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