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Sunday, 16 June 2013

WFRP1 - Play By Mail ...Sort Of

I do wish Google Wave was still around, because it would make online email/chat games of WFRP really easy.  However, I will be playing a game of WFRP soon online with a small crew using Google Hangouts.  I will post some updates about how it goes, and maybe even archives of the chat windows.

We will be using one main game window, where the narrative and main action takes place, and the players will have their own party only chat, so the GM can't peek.  The GM will also have a small window per player, to shoot them private messages, request rolls/stats/checks and even personal experiences like visions and dreams etc, without alerting the wider group.  This way the player might have to roleplay the dream or vision to their cohorts even more believably than a face to face game :)

anyway, we are using a shared Google docs folder for the game, where the GM uploads handouts as we go, and we keep the quick reference docs, and even the party character sheets as a spreadsheet!

the character sheets can be found in the LOOT section over there >>

They are littered with quick ref notes, and are also intended mainly for online play, so might not be easily printable.

There are two versions, a Google Docs version, which you can view, but will have to download your own copy as an .ods or .xls (I recommend .ods as it seems to format better).

There is also an OpenOffice version which you should be able to download however, sometimes Google is being funny about that file type.  There are also versions with a character portrait space.  You can add your avatar there, including a choice of a few faces that I will be uploading on this site for freebie use!

I will keep you posted about how it goes, and if it is worth pursuing some larger scenarios/campaigns this way ...

roll on!

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