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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Question For The Know-It-Alls!

Hello woofroopers!

I have been delving into WFRP 2 again after many years, and trying to make a switch to playing with those rules, mixed with plenty of other rules and house rules from 1st ed.

I had a question regarding Two Weapon Fighting in 2nd Ed.

Basically, it says there are advantages and disadvantages to this technique, but i can't see any disadvantages on the surface level ...

It seems (seeing as shields are 'weapons' in the offhand) that there is no reason why you would ever not use something in your off hand while fighting.  Unless of course if you have 2handed weapon or simply can't afford a second item ;)

But basically, you can continue to fight as normal using your main weapon, but you get a free parry each round because of your off hand item!  I get this is a cool advantage, but the rules don't really bring up a disadvantage... nothing to say it might be a harder technique or impedes agility/movement or anything ...

please help me, I might just be blind or simply have missed something in the rules!  Is it simply that you should be rolling with a 2H weapon, or dual wielding, but no in-between? ...  there is no advantage to just using a sword in one hand for example

i guess there is more encumbrance ..but meh

Any notes on the dual wielding thing would be great! let me know what you think!

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  1. Disadvantage: Limits Attacks attribute when in effect. Unstated, but provided in the example where the PC may have two pistols. PCs with 3 Attacks would be limited to 2 Attacks (even with Swift Attack) if choosing to use the weapons as stated.

    Disadvantage: The Free Parry is, as I read the rules, at -20% WS as an off-handed test. Where as entering the Parrying Stance would not be penalized, but also cost a half action AND prevent multiple attacks.

    Also consider the All Out Attack becomes ineffective with two handed fighting, as the free parry is lost..

    I agree there is definitely room for abuses here, but the GM can minimize such with diligent application of rules. I tend to allow the story to drive whether I'm in the mood to crush the PC like a bug. :)