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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Silver Crow Company

I'm pleased to introduce an unofficial content pack for WFRP1 - The Silver Crow Company.  I wrote this a while ago, and have revised it slightly for release.  It details a group of outlaws near Altdorf, working the Nuln road and the River Teuful.

I hope you find it an entertaining read, and maybe even useful for a setting for some great adventures.  Feel free to pass on feedback or corrections.

The Silver Crow Company

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wavehammer Roleplay

Yes I know its not being developed anymore - much to my disappointment - but Google Wave could prove a useful way to run a Play By Mail (PBM) game with the all the functionality of emails, with graphics and attachments, but with the added advantage of realtime information, with an easier way for all parties involved to interact at the same time.  Also without the hassle of using IM.  One could also have split off waves between players, and between GM and players, while maintaining a main game feed.

There are some cool possibilities there, and until they re-develop the tool into something else, it will still be available to use.

More to come...

Google Wave

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I am here now....
I am waking...
From my tomb of darkness, one thousand years of memories return to me as if a dream. Once more I know the world in my mind as if above it, mighty and aflame! I know the jagged mountains clawing at the endless sky. I know the wilds and the plains and the petty cities of men. I know the vast forces sent against me, one thousand years of war and destruction. I feel again the fiery blood in my throat and vast power in my wings...
I am rising now, like a silvery flame, up through the darkness, higher and higher until all around me is open and bright with stars! I let loose my endless wings, painted silver by the white hot moon! I am awake! I am the night sky itself! I am the storm! I am Yxthyriax, and I am reborn!

~ from the epic saga “The Great Dragon Yxthyriax, Doom of Karak Hirn”

Legless Willy

Wilhelm’s blade sunk into the brigand’s gut. He slammed his pistol into the thief’s chest, firing point blank, blasting the poor bastard from the end of his sword in a cloud of heavy stinking smoke. From his flank, another foe appeared, bursting through the choking sooty mess, sword raised to strike. Wilhelm spun around, barely deflecting the blow with his smoking pistol. He tossed the hand gun aside, reaching for his belt, and drawing his long sharp Tilean stiletto. He came down fast on the unbalanced ruffian, slicing with the dagger, cutting nothing but smoke, then bouncing of leather, hidden beneath the man’s cloak.
The brigand was quick to counter, making another sweeping strike across Wilhelm’s knees, connecting with a loud crack! The ruffian watched stunned and wide eyed as Wilhelm fell, and what appeared to be a wooden leg came free, collapsing to the dusty road with the rest of him in a broken heap.
The bandit wasted no more time, lunging at his downed prey. Wilhelm rolled for his dropped sword, wildly swinging away the first attack, but the brigand was raising his weapon for the final blow. In a groggy panic, Wilhelm found his other hand on his battered wooden leg, and clasping it, he threw his body forward, striking with the unlikely weapon. The wooden leg connected with a knee, and the brigand dropped, wincing and losing grip on his blade. Wilhelm struck again and again, bludgeoning his foe, then gathering the last of his strength, he drove his sword into the man’s chest, killing him.
Wilhelm collapsed onto his back, exhausted. Through the slowly dispersing cloud of black-powder smoke, he could not see much, but could hear horses and voices approaching. He was too tired to look. He grimaced, and clenched the blood splattered wooden leg in his hand. Summoning the last of his energy, he roared, hauling himself around ready to strike. His fiery glare was met by the face of an armoured Warden, dropping down from his tall horse and striding his way. Wilhelm let out an exhausted laugh, dropping his wooden leg, and reaching out his hand to meet an armoured glove...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

WFAP - Warhammer Fantasy Arcade Play

Heroic ‘One-off' Adventures

Your players been indulging in too many video games? Have your attention spans shortened? Are you too over stimulated to bother with carefully investigating the intriguing events of a cult growing in power enough to influence the Graf of Middenheim, under the shadow of Chaos encroaching on the Empire?

Ive been thinking of different play styles that could be used to create ‘one-off’ adventures. Where a team of players create ‘one use’ characters and play a more hack’n’slash style adventure, with no respect for tone but for instant satisfaction and glorious treasure! Changing the game mechanics to a certain degree sets up an opportunity to have some fun in the Warhammer world, in more of a Diablo 2 tradition than lets say The Odenhaller Contract, or Enemy Within.

- Create ‘one-off’ characters, not intended for long term gradual development.
- Perhaps double the XP earned throughout the scenario, if not more
- Award XP during the session on accomplishment of tasks, rather than between sessions or after the scenario.
- Bend the rules for learning skills, or taking careers, to allow for fast development and ‘levelling’ to occur during sessions.
- Random loot rolls in hero chests, including magical items.
- Have an idea of what enemies the players will face, however keep the freedom to be able to randomise the numbers based on the progress of players, or their new powers granted to them from magical artifacts.
-Random roll for the arrival of mini-bosses?
-Encumbrance doesn't matter
-Maybe change rules for healing or effect of healing spells?
-Maybe add mechanism for regenerating some MP for spellcasters.
-Balance all player advantages with and increasing level of challenge. They may have a kick-ass magic sword, but maybe a Basilisk or far worse lurks lower in the cavern?

Keep it simple. Its all about action and seeing if the players can survive the adventure to the final boss. Structure the scenarios in a way that gets the players into the action quickly. Quest based scenarios are often good, as the focus remains strong and there is a steady rising challenge as the players get closer to their goal. Some ideas...

-Searching for artifacts is always good. Good old Holy Grail quests give focus.
-Kidnaps and rescues are great. Rescue a foolish noble from Kislev Troll Country?
-The players start being captured by the enemy, in a fortress, far from home. Escape and bash their way out to freedom!
-You should have a ‘boss challenge’ that guards the final completion of the quest. It could be a creature, a puzzle or magic.
-Enemies taking over precious Imperial infrastructure - greenskins have made their way through a mountain pass, taking over the fort guarding the border into the Empire. Respond to the signals for help and take back the Castle!
-Geography will play a big role - getting out of the Empire, into the Badlands, even Darklands will provide endless swarms of greenskins - and worse - for the players to deal with.
-Keeping the action in tunnels and caves means you can easily add traps, fungus/spores, and the further you go underground the worse the fiends become.

I'm not implying these types of games should become the norm, just that sometimes breaking out in a hack n slash fest might be entertaining enough to re-energise your play. You never know, maybe one of these types of adventures take you out of the Empire to strange new lands and dangers, that you wouldn't have experimented with in a normal scenario.

Let me know your thoughts or reactions?

House Rules - Breaking Chests

Breaking Chests
When breaking open containers instead of picking locks, we make all the standard (S) test or damage tests against the container, but include some extra tests to add flavour to the situations when your players are just easily breaking everything instead of using finesse. I think this adds some penalty balance to how easy it is to make a combined (S) test to break open boxes and doors.

Sometimes we have afforded any traps the chance to ‘go off’ during the bashing process. Keep it simple, and in context. If the players are specifically breaking the lock mechanism, if the trap is connected to it, have a chance it goes off normally. If the players are targeting the whole chest, bashing it with weapons, have a chance based on the CR % (lock quality) that it will still activate, at whatever modified effectiveness you wish. This could work on doors to.

Damaged Goods
If the players are hacking into the wood or metal with weapons, then simply roll some chances that goods will be broken inside. Use commons sense. Coins wouldn't break, but you could smash some pottery or dent some brass urns etc, even cut some fine materials and clothes.

These notes have been added to the
House Rules Compendium

House Rules - Effective Iniative

Effective Initiative
We use a modified system of EI rules for combat and surprise. I have always treated initiative as slightly more a ‘solid’ stat than the standard EI rules given in Apocrypha Now and WFRP2.

Attack Order
We use the natural (I) without rolling at the beginning of every combat, or rolling for any bonuses. Then we follow the basic idea of dividing (I) by number of attacks to determine the order. Modifier for winning and charging are treated as normal for the following round

If characters are surprised, I don’t see them standing around completely useless for 10 seconds. The surprised characters make an (I) test, with any modifiers that could help in context (sixth sense, acute hearing, knowledge of the enemy etc). If they fail, they are surprised and start the fighting at (I) -D6x10 to a minimum of 0 (at which point they must miss this round, only parrying and dodging). Even if successful, they lose (I) -10. All surprised characters must of course take actions to draw their weapons, ready shields as normal. The following round then continues as normal.

These notes have been added to the
House Rules Compendium

House Rules - Combat Archery

Combat Archery
We usually only bother with complications if the group is considered really close together, where a sort of cover is provided by each other. Any modifiers below are in addition to the contextual modifiers for range, specialist skills, cover, moving targets and so forth.

Firing Into A Group, Without Target
We use some methods as described in Apocrypha Now, WFRP1 Supplement.

When firing into group of creatures (foe or mixed friend and foe), without declaring a target, the shooter gets (BS)+5 for each enemy considered to be in that group (including friends). If they hit, assign each group member and roll to randomly select the target that is hit.

Firing Into A Group, With Target
In some cases to keep things unrealistic but fluid, we have simply invoked a (BS) -20 modifier for the extra difficulty, and if the player misses, then don't bother with seeing if it hits another target. Sometimes simple is better. If players do want the chance of friendly fire, then we have used some rules found in a mixture of official literature, and some Warpstone magazine articles.

When firing into a group (foe, or mixed) and declaring a target, the normal (BS) -20 modifier applies. If you miss, and the score is between the modded BS value and your natural BS value, then you have hit another combatant. GM applies a numerical value to other combatants and rolls dice to determine the unfortunate victim!

These notes have been added to the
House Rules Compendium

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Big Juicy Wyrms

As you can tell from some of my recent tiny fiction, I have been thinking about Dragons. Dragons are such an integral part of any fantasy lore, they are like high fantasy nuclear weaponry. However, in a low fantasy setting like WFRP, dragons are described as almost/probably extinct, unseen, ancient, and to the average Farmer Bloggs and his friends, they could be seen as purely the stuff of wild tales.

The Bestiary describes them and provides rules so exciting and dangerous its hard not to want to see them in action, tearing into your players, melting their expensive armour and ruining their hopes of surviving the adventure with loot to brag about at the next roadside Inn.

I don't think in all my years of playing with any group, did we ever fight any Dragons ...and hang on, is that not what adventurers have dreamed of, since first looking out of their isolated farming cottage window in Nowhereburg, Reikland?

So I have been trying to think of interesting and lore respecting ways to integrate a Dragon into one of my scenarios. My first thoughts are of a an ancient Dragon, awoken from slumber, exacting revenge and destruction upon a Dwarven Hold. It seems like integrating an older race like Dwarves would be a more proper setting, and perhaps they have more history with this particular Dragon than the petty, new race of Men?

Anyway, more to come.

Let me know your thoughts...


“I remember lad, not two days before now, sitting with that warm mead in that great little tavern on the road from Weissbruck, you said you could pick any goblin lock with one... No, no, I remember now, two hands tied about your back!”
Van Eyke’s thin hands worked quickly at the lock on the simple, but stout wooden box, his razor sharp lips pursed in frustration. He stopped briefly with a sigh, and looked sideways up at the grinning Odo with one crooked raised brow. The towering Reiklander leaned casually against the stone wall, grinning like a teasing child from under a raised armoured cap.
“It would help, old man, if you kept a keen eye on our backs, instead of worrying about me...” The young Van Eyke retorted.
Still smiling, Odo stroked his black moustache with finger and thumb,
“Two hands, ‘Eykey’ … Imagine that”

The quick crack of a shortstaff banging on the rocky floor, silenced them both.
“Hold your wagging tongues! Both of you!”
The two glanced back at Helene, who crouched by the smashed barricade at the other side of the chamber, where they had entered, surprising a clutch of Goblins. She stared into the dark passage from where they had come, watching for movement and without turning to them, she hissed impatiently,
“We don't have time for this! The sooner we find Lady Dietrich's ring, and, well ...perhaps even her finger, the sooner we can leave this forsaken warren...”
“Two hands Helene, he said two hands... I could have carried the damn chest out by now. Anyway, what was the name of that tavern? The one with the comely maids. The Green Duck? No, Goose! That’s right, The Green Goo-”
Abruptly, the heavy latch popped with a loud click, and a crackling of breaking glass sounded from the chest.
Van Eyke froze, Odo’s leathery hand instinctively gripped his longsword. Helene was already fixed on the box, her eyes wide and white.
Van Eyke threw back his head, clasping his throat, and coughed out a puff of orange spittle. Helene was already over him, dragging him from the chest, towards the dark tunnel. She sniffed and winced,
“...a stench of old leather boots... Bloodwort oil!”
She tossed a rag from her pack to Odo, who still wide eyed and stunned, slapped it over his mouth and held his breath. He grabbed one the lads shoulders, and helped drag him out of the chamber and into the passageway.
Van Eyke began to screech through clenched teeth, and bubbling foam began to splutter from his blood purple lips. Throwing her heavy wool cloak around her neck and mouth like a scarf, Helene came down over him, tearing bunched herbs from her belt. She smashed them in her fists, then forced a ball of them, stalks, leaves, dried flowers and all into the boys mouth, pushing them down his throat with her fingers. Flicking back her robe, she pulled a bottle of oil from a pouch, popped the tiny cork, and shook the contents frantically into the lads mouth. The rest of it she poured into another kerchief. Tossing the phial aside, she grabbed his head, clamping his jaw shut around the mash of salve. She wiped his face down with the oiled cloth, before slapping it over his lips.

A deep howl echoed down the dark passage. Odo stood, clutching the rag over his mouth, coughing. Through his watering eyes, he caught the faint glow of flickering torchlight in the tunnel.
“O Sigmar! And they’ve returned with their rabid hounds too!”
He drew his silvery longsword, and glanced back at Helene, astride the poor lad, trying to hold his flailing arms and tossing head. They looked at each other for answers that neither could give.
In the dank blackness of the tunnel, the torchlight grew brighter and hotter,and the scratching and squabbling of the horrid Goblins drew closer...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Doom of Karak Hirn

“...O and then the dread Wyrm did appear! She came like a storm, a smoking shadow swimming through the thick oily air! The terrible beast was a black wave, crashing onto the charred ruins of the tower, consuming the poor wretches in bright fire. And there she perched like a great smouldering claw, amongst the boiling stones and licking flames. She was an ancient memory of pain and vengeance, unleashed upon this Old World! One the Dwarves would come to call ‘The Doom of Karak Hirn’!”

~ from the epic saga “The Great Dragon Yxthyriax, Doom of Karak Hirn”

Monday, 14 March 2011

GM - Quick Reference Sheet

Here is a quick reference sheet for the GM, to make life somewhat easier with combat organisation and keeping track of characters.  You could print it out and fill it out, and I have made an example document to show how it could be used.  It might make life easier for you especially if you use the effective iniative method for multiple attacks.

The experience tags are a small technique i use to simply mark down when players roleplay really well, or perform well in game terms, just to make sure i can reward XP at the end of a scenario, especially if it is a long session, or campaign.

GM Quick Reference Sheet (Google Doc)
GM Quick Reference Sheet Example (Google Doc)

Cathayan Monk / Martial Arts

So YEARS ago, a few of us, obsessed with kung fu movies at the time, decided to create our own Cathayan fighting monk ruleset for WFRP.  I would have to say that although we thought about it quite a bit, I always feel that it didnt really fit the tone of the WFRP world and lore.  We used some of the rules in a couple of one-off alternative scenarios, but it never really proved long lasting.

It's fairly over the top, however I may as well publish some work here, just in case anyone was interested, or even to get some feedback and make some revisions.  Maybe one day I will add in more detail, darken the tone and flesh out more details on silk roads and spice routes - could be interesting.

Cathayan Monk Source (Google Doc)


These are a set of encounters to insert into various ‘empty’ places in your campaigns/scenarios. Long travel across Reikland is dangerous, especially on the lonesome and perilous roads that wind their way through the forests. Many things can happen, but if you need some events to liven up your adventure, just add water!

These are standalone encounters, but many could be used to spawn ideas and connection to further scenarios, or sub plots that you can pick up on and re-integrate with the players later. The options are obviously endless, but here a few encounters that you might find useful.

Encounter Ideas (Google Doc)


One liners, words or phrases to ignite a starting point idea to expand on for scenarios or characters. A brain dump!

  • Royal fletcher, retired, living as hermit, needed to help craft some magical arrows for a hunt
  • Leper colony
  • Corruption, danger and intrigue during an election campaign for the graf of (cityname)
  • Abandoned/boarded up building in a main street in town
  • Dead messenger on road
  • Noble ‘fop’ who is out ‘adventuring’ - comedic character, drags the players into danger without really understanding the reality or consequences

Dark Shadow

A heavy storm boils up while the players are on the road. They head for cover in a remote wayside shrine, from which signs of life can be seen. As they approach, a bolt of sudden lightning blasts down form the sky, striking the roof of the shrine with a crack and setting the place ablaze. A cry for help can be heard inside. The players rescue a young terrified cleric form the burning wreckage. He is injured, and the players take up the quest to get him to a doctor or some medical help.

Along the way to the nearest city/town, strange things start to happen to the party. The truth is that the young curious cleric had tried a certain spell, and failed, causing a dangerous series of events to unfold, allowing a shadowy demon to make its way into the plane. The cleric will keep this info hidden from the players as long as possible.

The shadowy demon will hunt down his summoner (and by association the players) until the problems is revealed and dealt with.

Maybe the young cleric was too curious and wanting to prove his magical might? Maybe he had been taken under his wing by another, more powerful sorcerer which the players must find to bring about an end to the shadow? Maybe the players leave the cleric in care, and later find out the cleric is found dead? does the shadow keep following the players? possibility of using the demon spectre across a few scenarios, always on their trail...

Will the players have to battle the spectre in an all out fight? Will they have to quest to find a spell/magic/item to help them banish the creature? Will the demon overcome the young cleric?

Rescue Effort

A town by the base of the nearby mountains has suffered an earthquake, and has almost been destroyed. Many people from a neighbouring village have gone to the rescue, providing supplies, and clerics and Druids for healing and spiritual attendance. The players hear of the disaster and also go to investigate.  While helping the dying and rebuilding the village, the players discover secrets behind the village.

Maybe the earthquake seems less natural than everyone first thought? Maybe evil magic is afoot? Maybe a cult messing with powers that they didn’t understand, has released 'something' evil from beneath the earth's crust?


Locals around the village are finding more and more strange and half buried artifacts in the surrounding rocky hills. Old armour, tablets, idols and so forth. The news is spreading and has reached our players ears. Maybe there is an old tomb/s which has been just revealed by the erosion of time, sand and wind?

Maybe the news of this has spread to tomb robbers and thieves, and they move secretly into the area, searching the mountains to find the tomb first. Maybe the tomb robbers set up traps to scare off other thieves?

Maybe the players want the possible treasure inside the tomb also?

Maybe there is an old spirit which is left haunting the tomb, defending its last resting place? Will the players be thieves, or will they be the spirits saviours?

Baby Bunting

The players discover a mutant baby, floating in the reeds of a river they are following. Where did the baby come from? Who does the new born belong to? Why is it mutated? The players will find a village upriver, and possibly some more leads. Maybe the mutant baby is a bastard son of a village elder, or witch-hunter, who wants to hide the truth?

The Lost Idol

In the dense forest around a town, there is rumoured to be some overgrown ruins of an ancient temple to Taal. It is rumoured that the temple was attacked years ago by chaos mutants and beastmen, who destroyed the temple, all except a small wooden idol. The surviving clerics of the old temple will tell tales of how the chaos creatures are warded off by its mysterious power.

Maybe the old priests are to old to recover the idol, and want someone to get it for them?
Maybe the players will be drawn by the rumoured powers of the idol?
Maybe there is an impending beastmen attack on the town, and the idol could be a chance of survival?

Whats the Cause?

Rumours have spread to the ears of our adventurers, that mutants are appearing in growing numbers in a small village nearby. Reports of seeing mutilated bodies, strange monsters and dismembered corpses are drawing the players further into the intrigue. What's causing these events?

Maybe a crazy surgeon/sorcerer, who lost a son to mutation, is experimenting with taking apart and putting back together body parts, in order to find a cure to mutation? What is the moral outcome - should the surgeon be stopped, or will the players be interested in a cure too?

Maybe a necromancer is at work with warped and evil powers?

Maybe a piece of warpstone lays undiscovered nearby, and is turning the locals either mad or into mutants?

Maybe a deadly disease has broken out?  Maybe the players catch it while investigating, and are forced to help find a cure or it would be the end of their days too...

Gold Fever!

An old Alchemist (maybe a friend of a PC) is found dead in his laboratory. There is obviously foul play afoot, and the alchemist's working partner/apprentice is nowhere to be found. Further investigation reveals the alchemist might have discovered a way of turning solid elements into gold!

Maybe the apprentice has stolen the formula, murdered his teacher and is hiding somewhere on his own, working on making gold, or claiming the discovery as his own!

Maybe the players will be drawn to find the magic formula themselves?
Maybe they want to avenge their friends death?
Maybe the old alchemist was a bit of a crack-pot, and no-one believes he REALLY found the formula, and just killed himself?
Maybe have the players find the formula, but somehow lose it forever, never to be discovered again…

Doing Our Job?

The players are hired to retrieve a special artifact or treasure from a distant locale. They are meant to meet a contact or spy there, who will direct them further in their quest. Evil parties have intercepted the spy, and replaced him/her with their own, intending to deceive the players.

The players could end up unwillingly working for the enemy - but for how long? Will they realise before stealing from, attacking, or even murdering the innocent? Maybe the players realise, then counter-double-cross the evil parties!

What will they discover if the artifact is recovered?  Will they finish the job and hand it into their employer, or does the item hold secrets that lead further into adventure?

Prospector's Legacy

An old prospector has been jailed for a number of years over a large theft of treasure. The authorities never actually found the loot, but rumours have spread and other parties are becoming interested. As the date of the old man's release grows closer, a local gang is hanging out for him, and are planning to force the old man to lead them to his loot. However, corrupt authorities are also interested, and have planted fake prisoners in the old man's cell in order to get hints on where the treasure might be hidden.

Maybe the corrupt officials will try to strike a bargain with the old man, asking to be taken to the treasure peacefully, or they might let him loose into the more 'rough' tactics of the local gang waiting outside the jail.

Maybe frantic locals are already mining in droves in the nearby mountains, or maybe the rumours have spread enough to create a 'gold rush' for the hidden treasure.

The players could stumble across the small mining town, and get involved somehow - maybe they are interested in the treasure themselves, or maybe they would like to save the old man, hoping to become allies with a supposedly rich ally!

You never know - maybe the treasure doesn't ACTUALLY exist…

Buried Treasure

A dwarf mining camp in the foothills of the mountains has uncovered an ancient temple/burial site while digging - with loot! However the expedition to recover the treasure is found slaughtered and the treasure is missing. Players investigate and discover a troll has entered the remote tunnels of the mine through its own cave system, and stumbled upon the miners, killing them and even eating the treasure. 

Maybe the players hunt down the troll, delving into the caverns from the bottom of the mine, and face off against the mighty troll in its lair?

Perhaps the troll can be killed and a certain amount of treasure recovered from its belly? Maybe depending on how long it takes the party to kill the troll, the treasure dissolves more in the stomach!

The evidence of a dead troll slayer might be found? more clues to another adventure? Maybe the tunnels lead further into adventure?


Fort Northwatch, hanging precariously over the cliffs of the nearby rocky bay has been abandoned for as long as most in the area remember.  Strange goings on have been noticed. The players investigate to discover a Bretonnian smuggler crew operating out of the Forts secure and hidden lower levels, with access through old ammunition/storage tunnels in the cliffs, down to the sea. The players may deal with the smugglers, but what are they smuggling and More importantly for whom?

does the trail lead the players to an important figure, and how do they deal with accusations or resolving the issue? Is it local officials simply quaffing Bretonnian brandy? or does the trail lead much higher?

Are the goods more ‘interesting’ and sinister; bodies/parts, alchemical equipment, wizards ingredients and dark potion elements?

Maybe they are smuggling artifacts and treasures stolen from ageing temples and shrines in the Empire, for sale in Brett to high paying corrupt Brett nobles and scholars.

Favourite Dice

Bertolo’s grin widened as did his large halfling eyes. With a cackle, he scraped all the coin from the table, pouring it into his loose shirt front like a make shift money purse.
“Looks to be loik oim flush with coin lads, and you haven’t any, hows ‘bout we call it a nigh--”
A large meaty hand slammed down on the table, shaking the dice, spilling an ale and wiping Bertolo’s grin from his round little face. The brute of a man stood slowly across from him, his bushy red moustache vibrating as he snorted like an angered bull. Bertolo was already planning his escape. He glanced at his favourite loaded dice on the table, he knew it was unlikely he would get them back. His new doublet was hanging on the back of his chair, that would probably be lost too, for he would have to move as quick as his furry feet would take him. One of his deft little hands was already gripping a dirk hidden in his boots, the other, tightening its grip on his shirt-full of swag. He had always made a point of sitting closest to the doors, and he had already weighed up three options before the fiery brute spoke in a drunken stupor.
“Look ‘ere half-pint! You aint goin’ anywheresh.. "

Bertolo swallowed hard.  The brute continued through a spray of ale and spittle.
"...not ‘til Ive won me munney backsh!”
...Bertolo’s grin returned. His hands relaxed, and he glanced back at this dice. He quickly pulled his doublet back on, took up his dice and rolled...
“your bet friend...”

Period Games

Get yer loaded dice, prepare your illusionary trickster spells, and ante up -  its gambling time!

I have often tried to use real period games with the players in sleazy bar rooms and gambling dens.  Here I have collected some information about these games in one spot, to make it easier for you to drop them into a rpg session.

Period Games (Google Doc)

Scenario Ideas - Inspiration

Sometimes I find the smallest things in the core book ignite ideas for scenarios. Reading through the spell lists, bestiary, careers, and maps can give great ideas.

Our group have made adventures based around one spell ingredient, or even just hunting one particular animal/beast (sometimes in combination of the spell ingredient quests ;)

Spell ingredients list
Do the players or even an NPC need a giants scalp or pint of dragon blood, or some giant spider venom? great ideas to work into a scenario

The number of brilliant and diverse creatures in WFRP 1st ed Bestiary is incomparable. The details and lore surrounding some of these creatures is enough to build a frame work for an interesting adventure.
  • Perhaps hunting a troll, rumoured to be roaming the wilds near a dwarf mining camp. Perhaps it simply has been raiding their coffers? maybe eating poor miners, even their rocks/minerals? hmm a troll with treasure inside it? or has it melted in that acidic stomach of his?
  • Based on where a creature is found, can be used to lead players into lands/areas which they are unfamiliar with, as well as offering exciting new creatures to fight - keeps it interesting.
Use the PCs careers in a believable way. It uses their character/their background to make quests that are more engaging for the party.
  • Is there a druid? work the re-dedication/protection of a stone circle into an adventure, and the experience will be richer and more meaningful.
  • Are characters pasts going to catch up with them? were they once in an outlaw gang?
  • Are most of your party elves? dwarfs? how does their race simply inspire an adventure with a personal twist?
Picking an unexplored area of a world map provides a sense of excitement and exploration as you can send the players to a town where they;
  • Speak differently/have different customs, the players are culturally offending them?
  • Dont like the predominant race of the party? lots of opportunity for conflict there...

Scenario Ideas

I'll use the blog to brainstorm ideas that could  be fleshed out into a full adventure or even spiral out of control into a campaign.

Different roleplay groups like many different types of adventures/scenarios. Your groups feelings about the tone and settings for WFRP scenarios could be vastly different to mine, so please just take these examples and ideas as just that - its just brainstorming - and I hope it helps spark some imaginative storytelling.

Extremes of Combat

Here is a small set of house rules we use in combat to add some flavour to the skirmish.  Essentially, if you roll 01-05, you've hit, but hit REALLY well, and you can roll a D10 for effects.  Conversely if you have rolled 96-00, you've missed, but REALLY badly, and you can roll D10 to decide some effects.

Obviously the wording can be changed to suit melee and range combat too.  I would like to make a simple chart for Magic extremes too.

Extremes of Combat (Google Doc)

So a ranger, a warrior and a rat catcher walk into an Inn...

So I've finally started the blog.  Its been a while since I've played regularly, however I found many of my old materials and resources, had a read through some of the books and got excited about it again!

Despite what some consider flaws, I find the strangeness and ambiguity of the first ed ruleset really interesting.  There was so much room for imagination, filling in the gaps yourself, and making your own content.  The atmosphere was so rich and different.

With many of the old resources or scenarios I post here, they could easily be mashed up for any edition, but in general I will only really go on about the old fashioned grandpa version that I fell in love with all those years ago.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Blather Test

"would one o' yer sunburnt, surface dwellin', poin'y ear'd forest picnicers tell that bard to kindly shut it, 'fore he gets us all kill'd!?"
Brym 'Earthhammer' - disgruntled short straw drawer of midnight watch duty

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